Monday, August 24, 2009


Binaca Review and Giveaway
After lunch, are you like me, looking for something to freshen your breath? Have you had one of those o-oh moments?
In my line of work, sometimes I have to meet with customers or vendors, and gum is so unprofessional. I need something to save me in my mid-day meetings or when I am on the run after work to my after-hours events.

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  1. First, I am NOT a prude or moralist by no means BUT the latest commercial showing 2 teens a boy/girl taking a spray then stripping down to their underwear is just WRONG. Com-on now REALLY, you REALLY want teens to think that if they spray your product they can get the other sex undressed. GREAT, just what we need, MORE teen sex and pregnant girls. Better read Obama's health plan. YOU the parent will pay ALL her health care as a penalty - NO INSURANCE. Maybe we can sue BINACA for wrongful influence, ya think. Parent in Michigan